Dorset Ghost Map

The Dorset Ghost Map is a combination of my love of Dorset, ghost stories, and maps. Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of ‘true’ ghost stories from books on Dorset, and in an effort to avoid doing anything actually productive, I decided to mark them out on a vintage-style ghost map. Once I’d made the digital version using a fake paper texture, I ended up deciding to try printing it on real recycled paper.

Stories sourced from:

  • Discover Dorset Legends, Jeremy Harte
  • Dorset Curious and Surprising, Roger Guttridge
  • Dorset Curiosities, George Osborn
  • Dorset Folk Tales, Tim Laycock
  • Folklore of Dorset, Fran & Geoff Doel
  • Ghosts of Christchurch Hundred, Michael A. Hodges
  • Ghosts of Dorset, Peter Underwood
  • Haunted Britain, Antony D. Hippisley Coxe
  • Haunted Dorchester, Julie Harwood
  • Haunted England, Christina Hole
  • Haunted Weymouth, Alex Woodward
  • Legends and Customs of Dorset, John Symonds Udal
  • Legends of Dorset, Polly Lloyd
  • Mysterious Dorset, Rodney Legg
  • The Lore of the Land, Jacqueline Simpson & Jennifer Westwood
  • Paranormal Purbeck, David Leadbetter
  • Penguin Book of Ghosts, Jacqueline Simpson & Jennifer Westwood
  • Strange Dorset Stories, David Foot, Felicity Young, David Young, Theresa Murphy, Tom Perrott & Barney Camfield
  • Supernatural England, Betty Puttick

Tools used:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Font used:

  • Familiar Pro Bold