Cool Recipes & Camping Hacks for VW Campers

Ever dreamed of hitting the road in a classic camper? Is your love of food matched by your desire for glamorous camping? This guide is for you. Bringing together the practical and the cool, and packed with dozens of tips and al fresco dining ideas which work spectacularly well on very limited resources, everything in this book will improve your camping experience!

Cool Recipes & Camping Hacks for VW Campers was published by Veloce Publishing in May 2021. I was responsible for all aspects of the books production, from initial layout design, through the editing of the author’s manuscript, processing all images, performing the book layout, to the design of the book cover.

Given the recipe book aspect of this title, it presented a slightly different challenge to the other books I produced at Veloce Publishing, and required careful attention to detail to ensure that the recipes were consistent with one another, and that the anecdotal sections of the book retained the author’s distinct voice.

I also gave considerable thought to how the reader would be most likely to use the recipe sections of the book, and so they all appear on the right-hand page, with a clear marker for whether the recipe is vegetarian or gluten-free visible in the very top right corner, to allow readers to quickly flick through the pages to find a suitable recipe. Similarly, the recipe images all appear in the same position on the page, so that the reader could quickly browse through and find a recipe that looked interesting.

Tools used:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop