Choosing, Using & Maintaining Your Electric Bicycle

A complete buyer’s guide to electric bicycles, including the types of bike available, what to look for and why you should buy one. Packed with useful contacts, including importers, websites and magazines, advice on where you can ride, and the law. Also includes battery charging and maintenance info, as well as basic cycle maintenance.

Released by Veloce Publishing in September 2016, Choosing, Using & Maintaining Your Electric Bicycle marked a departure for the company’s continuing Essential Buyer’s Guide series. Presented as a more ‘eco-friendly’ topic, the Electric Bicycle entry was given a redesign to reflect this. The text of this title was the first I was responsible for editing, ensuring it conformed with Veloce Publishing’s house style, correcting any typos or misspellings within the text, and rewording portions that were cumbersome or ambiguous.

After the edit was completed, I then moved on to processing the images and laying the book out, making sure to keep the aesthetic of the book close to the previous entries in the Essential Buyer’s Guide series. Given the departure in style from the previous titles, I had more of a free rein when it came to the layout.

Tools used:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop