Beacon is a sci-fi themed Action Roguelike. Played as a top-down shooter, you must fight your way through a randomly generated hostile world, all the while trying to locate your emergency distress beacon and escape the planet into which your ship has crashed.

While you’re making your way through these areas you’ll not only find weapons and items to help you; You’ll also be collecting DNA from the enemies you defeat. Then, when you inevitably die, you’re given the opportunity to combine the DNA you’ve collected to your own, granting you different stats and potentially gameplay-altering physical mutations for your next run.

Beacon aims to create a bridge between fast, frenetic action and long-term strategy, where your actions can be felt and built upon hours down the line.

As the writer at Monothetic, I have been working on Beacon since its initial conception. I am responsible for all the written content in Beacon, including diary entries, item and weapon descriptions, and enemy information.

I was also responsible for the construction of Beacon’s official website, working from the initial designs by coworker Taychin Dunnvatanachit, as well as several alterations to – and general maintenance of – the main Monothetic website. This included creating mobile versions of both websites, and building features with Java and JQuery.

Tools used:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Scrivener

Languages employed:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java / JQuery

Item Description Examples

Mega Barrage (manufactured by Kaiser-Schmid)

When, last year, we introduced our new Barrage deployable, we couldn’t begin to guess how popular it would become. We were truly humbled by the response we received from our loyal customers. Through all of it, however, we came to realise that once again we had underestimated you. We learned that, in the most extreme circumstances, not even five guided missiles were enough. So we went back to the drawing board.

The result was The Kaiser-Schmid Mega Barrage. Much more than simply three Barrages taped together, the Mega Barrage fires off sixteen guided missiles at the flip of a switch, pouring down fire and brimstone upon anything that seems even vaguely menacing within a twenty metre radius. If that’s not enough, frankly, we’re beginning to worry about you.

MYCE (manufactured by Kaiser-Schmid)

Look, we know what you’re thinking. You took one look at the Kaiser-Schmid Massive Yield Combat Explosive and thought to yourself, ‘That’s a nuke. They’ve just made a nuke.’ Well, you got us. Despite pronounced concerns from certain ex-shareholders, we were committed to our original vision for this company: to give our customers bespoke nuclear capabilities as and when they need them.

What’s more, the MYCE is completely idiot-proof. The days of ‘launch codes’ and ‘authorisation’ are far behind us, and instead we present to you The Button. Whenever you’re in need of a nuclear detonation, simply depress The Button, and change into your cold weather gear: a nuclear winter will already be on its way to your location.

Regenerative Shield (manufactured by Shoraiteku Interstellar)

As a valued employee of Shoraiteku Interstellar, you are thrilled to learn that you have been provided with a new, fully-functioning, Regenerative Shield. This item is for use only in the pursuit and attainment of the shared goals of yourself and Shoraiteku Interstellar, as pre-approved by your direct supervisor. This feat of engineering greatly assists you in achieving our objectives, though the negation of 1 (one) instance of direct damage. After such an event, you are impressed by the mere ten seconds of downtime, and grateful for the renewed operation of the shield upon recharge.